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Merci d'être venu et bonne journée

Merci to be come and good day
Good day and thank you
Thank you for your visit and happy day
Thinks for your going and have a nice day
Thank you to be came and good morning
Thank you for your visit and good journey
Thanks to be come and see you later !
Funk you for your present and good afternoon

Souhaitez-vous que j'appelle un taxi ?

Should you all phone a taxi ?   
Do you want I tell a taxi ?           
    Shall you name a taxi ?              
Do you hope that I call a taxi ? 

Je vous en prie, asseyez-vous

Please sit you   
   Stand up please  
     Seet down please  
     Please, seat done  
       Bless you, sit down
  please, set down 

Veuillez ne pas quitter, je vous passe votre correspondant

Don't quit please, I pass you your correspondant
                                                               Don't move                             

Qui dois-je annoncer ?

Who I must to announce ?
Who must I say ?               

Avez-vous trouvé facilement ?

Have you meet it easy ?

Tout le monde n'est pas d'accord

Everybody doesn't OK  
   Everybody not accepted 
           Everybody are not approuve 
Anybody is agree           
All people is not OK       
                 All the world, they are not agree  
   All the world not is agree 
 Any people isn't OK        
    All people is dissapointed
 No one is agree                
All over people isn't ok  

Pourriez-vous m'épeler votre nom ?

Should you to tell me not quickly your name
                                                           Can you epele your name ?
Would you said your name ? 
Could you spend your name ?
Can you tell my name
Could you expele your name ?

Compléter la phrase  : I have an ________ to see Mick this afternoon at 3. 

I have an empechment to see Mick this afternoon at 3.

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